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  • play the dress up game here! featuring Zeke and Billy

  • starlight deluxe motel (multimedia project, discontinued)
  • neo's world (comic)
  • pink to blue: a frenreyzine (contributor)

  • statement of circe nat: a tma fan statement (2020)
  • poetry collection

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  • 10VER.EXE (podcast)

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  • WIPS

    some WIPS are well into development, some may never be more than messy notes and assorted sketches. think of these descriptions as shitty elevator pitches. intrigued or have any inquiries? consider dropping an ask on tumblr or shooting me an email!


    The precursor to Starlight Deluxe Motel! An unfinished point-and-click made in google slides... for now. check it out here!

    No Fury

    Prague was never a particularly good person, luckily she has another chance at life! Time to roll up her sleeves and get to it: scamming the devil out of hell! You can read my current progress on the comic here

    Reverse Atlas

    After some great end of the world, life as we knew it had been thrown out the door, left at the curb, and picked up by some aunt wearing a soapy perfume. As it were, Modern Preservation Societies emerged from the ashes. They were quick to distinguish themselves from the riff-raff and most took to the sky. They concerned themselves with office jobs and bible study while enjoying the thin air of their cities some thousands of miles above sea level. It was the new American Dream. A novel about Pascal Lorem's exile from the suburban heaven.

    Myself, Again

    Out in the desert, a town of shifting faces. I look at myself and I am dead. A surrealist audio drama about identity, murder, and memory loss.

    John & Kite

    "Are you John Sharpe? This is awkward but... on the best day of your life? I'm gonna have to kill you. No hard feelings." John and Kite are best friends until the end. A scemo love story.

    Willoughby's Week

    Willoughby's lived his whole life in a thick dissasociated haze-- until now. Too bad he only has seven days left to live. A John & Kite spinoff comic about Willoughby's final days spent skipping school, befriending aliens, and trying to stop the complete destruction of planet earth. check out a couple pages here


    A silly cartoon about killers, escaped government experiments, and time traveling wizards from the past.

    C'kay + the Electric Dream Machine

    An mspaint cartoon following C'kay and friends as they traverse the beautiful, digital dreamworld and uncover the game of the mysterious Arthur.

    Sorrowville, CA

    An audio anthology following the strange happenings of Sorrowville, California. Teen girls hosting old gods and parents' brains turning into jello.



    Alma Maestro's Big Top

    An ethereal demon circus swallows its creators whole. A stageplay.


    Paranormal Private Investigator O. Ficient is tasked with interrogating the victim souls of the world's most apalling vehicle pile-up.

    [PLACEHOLDER] Mirror Lake

    “The red-breasted merganser is the fastest flying duck of North America,” is a statement which does not sound unreasonable or untrue. “The red-breasted merganser is a medium-distance migrant that thrives in cool, coastal areas,” is also in the realm of the believable. “Each year, during the migratory season, several flocks of red-breasted mergansers disappear from the face of the earth,” is a statement one might believe to be fictional, as it is a fact so abnormal it must be a statistical error. However, not all things which are unbelievable are untrue. There are very few things in the world which are statistically impossible. Rather, many things are statistically improbable and these are often what we call miracles.


    A short story about a depressed high schooler as her own dead bodies pile up behind her. read the current material here